Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This is one of my favorite holidays. I love everything spooky.
I got into doing zombie walks a while back, and I threw myself into learning make-up techniques so that I could pull off a gory enough look. 

This was a practice shot.

I did make-up for myself and my friends at the zombie walk in Phoenix Comicon 2011 and 2012.

 But I have done a lot of zombi-fying over the last few years, so I thought maybe I'd do something different for this Halloween. I recently got into making steampunk costumes.
And props.
This is just an old Nerf Maverick, turned into something much more cool.
I think by next comicon, I need to combine these things into a steampunk zombie costume. Mwah ha ha ha!
But for this year's Halloween, I'm sort of sitting around at the last minute and saying, "What do I want to be?"

Maybe I should try being normal. THAT would be a costume for me.


I'll come up with something.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's a much nicer time to be weird, it seems to me.

When I was in 5th grade I had a pair of officially-licensed, Punky Brewster high tops. I liked them a lot. I liked the show a lot. I liked them right up until the first day of school.

It was made abundantly clear to me via my middle school peers that I was probably some kind of loser-freak for wearing such dumb shoes.
 These are the shoes. Well, these are a pair of the shoes that somebody else was selling on e-bay. Mine were newer when they These are pretty beat-up. Mine were rad. Tubular, even.

Well, they were to me at the time.
I may not have had the best taste in clothes.
 I'm pretty sure this was the same year I wore that Roger Rabbit sweatshirt everywhere.

Look, I was a nerd.
I still am.
I have a Cthulhu t-shirt and the matching slippers now.
I make steampunk costumes.
I am into just about every fantasy, science fiction, or horror thing that is out there.
And yes, I will proudly wear the shoes.

But it is easier now.

I used to get teased relentlessly for my little fan-girl obsessions. Now, the type of kids who picked on me when I was in middle school, are the same kids sporting fake "nerd glasses" and pretending to know who Spock is.
And I have mixed feelings about that.

On the one hand, I want to yell, "You aren't a real nerd! Have you ever been shoved in a locker? Huh? Have you ever had exactly 0 friends? I EARNED my nerd stripes, baby. I suffered for them."

But then again...I'm a parent now. And here's something I've discovered. Nerd+Nerd= Nerdling.
Yes, my kid is a nerd.

And although the kids at school don't always understand her Sergeant Frog armbands, or know who she was for Halloween (Ahsoka Tano) she gets FAR less crap for this than I did. And when someone DOES make fun of her Dr. Who shirt, she just brushes it off and keeps on wearing it. She loves what she loves, and that's it.

I did too. In 5th grade.

After that year, I had had enough of being picked on every day. I began to hide who I really was. I would only talk about the things I loved if someone mentioned loving them first. I became a closet nerd. My sense of self-worth was somewhat tainted by the notion that everything I loved was inherently stupid or worthless. I tried to dress like everyone else. It wasn't enough. You can take the nerd out of the Punky Brewster high-tops, but you can't make her date the captain of the football team. So yeah. I would often get picked on. I mean, I was still awkward. I was still president of the French Club and vice-president of the Thespian Club. Heck, just being IN the "Lesbian Club" was enough to get you teased. (Yes. Thespian rhymes with lesbian. You bullies are sooooo clever.)

So, I thought I would always be sort of an outcast. But then, seemingly overnight, all of the stuff I love is cool.
When did this happen?   Was it the rise of the superhero blockbuster movies? Lord of the Rings? Big Bang Theory? Glee? All of these things?

Who cares? My daughter gets to live in a world where she can love Star Wars, Star Trek, anime, Dr. Who, Firefly, steampunk, LOTR, Spiderman, Batman, Cthulhu, and particle physics. And MOST of the time, that's ok with people. Sure, there are still bullies. But there are anti-bullying days. There are comicons where she can see that there are plenty of other people out there, just like her. There are geeky parents who tell her "To hell with the jerks. Do what you love."

And there are the nerd-wannabes.
So sure, a part of me wants to go all hipster on them. "I was a nerd before it was cool."
But you know, what? They are just kids. They want to fit in. Right now, this is the fashion. Really, those of us who are naturally geeky should be flattered. We don't even have to try.

So it's a nicer time to be weird, I think.
I, for one, am no longer hiding.
And it's nicer out here in the fresh air.


I have a blog. Look at that.

And it's waffle-themed.

So that's awesome.

Anyway here are some facts about myself before we get started:

I can mimic just about any accent.
I have never been seasick.
I eat popcorn like a gerbil.
I'm a published photographer. Not many people know that, interestingly enough.
I want to be an author when I grow up.
I won't sleep with the closet door open. (Thanks a lot, Stephen King)
I am a Browncoat.
I am a Trekkie.
I am a Whovian.
I am a ...Star Wars-ian?
I can't read WebMD anymore, because I'm convinced I have multiple luposclerosisabetes.
I have had 2 paranormal experiences in my life that have (so far) no rational "normal" explanation.
I do like waffles, but not as much as one would assume, given that I started a waffle-blog.
I actually am very fond of crumpets.
I started doing genealogical research recently, and discovered that I may be related to Charlemagne.
I also discovered that one of my many-greats grandmothers went insane, killed one of her daughters and was hanged for murder.
So that's awesome.
(Not really. It's actually very tragic.)
I own a Pomapoo who has been featured in the Fluffington Post.
I worked at a Renaissance Festival for two years right after high school.
I also used to dress up like a pioneer girl on weekends.
No not just for fun, it was a volunteer thing.
I am afraid of roaches.
And multiple luposclerosisabetes.
I participate in zombie walks whenever possible.
I have lived in six different states.

I may discuss any of these things in my blog.
Or maybe none of them.
Maybe I'll get bored and post photos of kittens with grammar deficiencies.
Won't that be fun?