Monday, November 25, 2013

Internet Wars

If you ever feel like pulling your brains out, placing them on a four-lane highway, and watching fourteen semi-trucks run over them, then scraping up the brain mush, adding some lemon zest and a tiny umbrella, and depositing the whole mess back into your head...then why not read some of the comments on internet articles.


There is more nonsense, vitriol, insanity, hatred and divisiveness there than anywhere else in the galaxy. It's like people lose their minds when they go online. And I am on a mission to find my favorite internet wars and bring them to you. Because I just like to share.
You are SO welcome.

Internet War #1
(A fairy tale in which Goldilocks helps some liberals to understand a thing or two about how Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood made war against everybody.)
Comments come from an NPR article about child marriage.

Guy Makey NoSense:
"The historic record suggests that "Mary the Mother of god" was 15. Under the mother grizzly bear economy we see that the plan to manage global population is based on absence, god and guns. When the absence idea failed for one of the baby bears, we were told,(at half time of course) that humans have a strong desire to reproduce. This was told to us by a religious leader who hates birth control. Mean while US vets where on their 4th tour of duty in a false flag war where Bush2 was placed into power by the multimillionaire evangelicals on TV

"It is important to reflect on the idea that the need of our ancestors do not in themselves necessitate the persistence of Tradition. Mary was a teen bride and mother in an environment where family subsistence was difficult and dowries were common and normal. In that period there was not a concept of love in the same way we consider it, there were really only moments when individuals had a choice.
Beyond that, there is not much more I can parse from your comment other than that Christian organizations that lose their focus on God, and instead choose to focus on worldly aspirations are not good shepherds and do not reap good fruit."

You seem to be of the opinion that we are at war with these places. You are mistaken. Please keep your discussion on topic."

 "I AM on topic, the topic you LIBERALS bring up to distract and deflect from the issue of this thread, child marriages. So if YOU all stay on topic, then maybe the rest of us could.
Now, as far as you saying that "we are not a war with these people" you are partly right. The muslim brotherhood took over ALL of those countries, INCLUDING the U.S.
However, I also believe that Pakistan and other countries under Obama's Drone attacks would consider it "war", as I and most people with the capacity to think for themselves know.
As far as the rest, those wars are over, the muslim brotherhood/al queda, funded, armed and supported by Obama ALREADY have taken over. Just because a war is over, doesn't mean it didn't happen!
Why not say it to >Guy Makey NoSense< to whom I was responding?
Oh, forgot, you won't hold your own (liberals) to the same standards or complaints you hold those who disagree with you and/or put the lie to the rhetoric and propaganda you LIberals push. Can't have that, people might actually learn something and see what is really going on."
I think we've all learned something today. America is like a teenager that can't keep it in his least if war is sex and the pants are foreign countries. Or no...foreign countries are like the cheerleaders we can't stop making out with and then things go to far, Whatever.
But I am missing one, seemingly vital bit of info. If the economy is Mama Bear, and people who can't stop having sex are Baby Bears...does that make the Muslim Brotherhood Papa Bear? Or is that Obama?

Oh, where is Reasonable Lee Saneman when I need him, to clear these things up for me?

Anyway, I'll keep sifting through the insanity, and if I find any particularly delicious crazy nuggets for you, I'll force you to read this crap too share the love.

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